Brands that Prove Technology is the Great Equalizer 

Technology has changed the world in a plethora of ways, but no one has benefitted more from its tools, than the small business owner. Gone are the days when only big-name brands with famous celebrity endorsers win the business game. Today, technology has leveled the playing field so that even those with a small capital can compete with the big players – sometimes even beating them at their own game. 

So, if you’re thinking about launching your own brand but need that extra push to go through with it, then take a look at these indie brands that made it – and hey if they can do it, then you can, too. 

Knix Wear 


The key to making your brand stand out is finding an underserved market and knowing how to answer a need that’s not being met. In Knix’s case, it was the millions and millions of women who got tired from wearing uncomfortable underwear. For the longest time, undergarments were made to fit the male gaze – it was more frivolous than functional, and one woman finally had enough. Joanna Griffiths raised $1.1 million dollars in just 40 days via Kickstarter– and Knix Wear is now being worn by women all over the world.  

Bau Bax


From losing your luggage to getting stuck in an airport and sitting next a four-year old in an eighteen-hour flight, every traveler – no matter if you’re in the economy or business class – has had his fair share of horror stories. This is where Bau Bax comes in. Their highly innovative travel jacket that has more than 25 features that will help you get security with ease, keep you warm, all while perfectly carrying your essentials. A dream item for the modern traveler, the company was able to raise $11 million on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo. 



These days, it’s not unusual to see people going to work or starting their day with a cup of coffee – often sacrificing quality for the price of convenience. But coffee connoisseur, John Rochecouste, was not having it.  What started as an idea in 2013, Nowpresso is now one of the most successful brands worldwide –  with mainstream coffee companies quickly following suit. 

Wool and Oak 


If you’re tired of switching and buying bags for every kind of occasion, then Wool and Oak is the brand for you.  From its elegant design and world-class functionality, it’s no wonder why it’s a favorite among young professionals who want to keep things fun but functional. Whether you’re commuting to work, going on a weekend travel get-away or simply walking down the street to grab a cup of coffee, their one-in-a-kind bag does it all for you.



Anyone who’s struggled to go to the toilet in the middle of night would agree that there is a need for something like the Illumibowl. Strangely enough, someone did create it and now they’re raking in all the profits. 

Without the help of technology, the world wouldn’t have been able to enjoy these highly creative and innovative products that were thought of and created by ordinary people just like you and me. So, the next time you have a great idea, don’t be afraid to turn to technology for help – after all, you might just be the hero the world needs. 

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